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“None of us, including me, ever do great things.

But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.”


Mother Teresa

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Kyani & Nitro Nutrition Influencer

As an Kyani Influencer, we share our simple system to provide proven nutrition programs, an innovative product system and a world-class support community to help people get control of their health.  Using the supplied resources, you have a true plug-n-play solution that offers a system of complete wellbeing for yourself and others.  Even better, you can earn money while you improve your health and the health of others. The truly unique and personalized structure of Kyani sets people up to win at health and business while YOU remain aligned with your personal system, life goals or brand.  

Through partnership and collaboration, this community is poised to make a massive global wellness impact and allow wellness-centered people to prosper with their health and in a global lifestyle business.

Magnetic Mind Certified Coach

As a Magnetic Mind Certified Coach we learn how to create Superconscious transformation for ourselves and others. We learn how to access the Superconscious field, create miracles and transform lives.  This revolutionary and cutting edge method is the culmination of the world's most transformational minds plus Christopher Duncan's personal teachings.  As most of us have been misled by the fundamental ways in which manifestation really works, the Magnetic Mind method truly teaches others how find the right structure to become Superconscious and create anything they desire. 

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Nitro Nutrition for Pros & Wellness Facilities

Be a part of our health pro alliance, leverage the toolbox and bring a proven and sound nutrition program to your business.  Grow your base, create another revenue stream, run challenges, excite your clients and add a new level of wellness without investing lots of money, time and energy.  We are committed to providing solutions, a platform, program and health pro toolbox…to once and for all…help wellness professionals make money, provide complete well-being to clients and not waste energy or time.